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NKR Downsizing Solutions has sent you an invoice for $0.00

WOW! I wish all my invoices looked like this!

I made enough money from the sale of my items to cover the cost of the auction and move. 

Niki made my move easy. I had very little stress and no hassles thanks to her excellent service.




 I can't thank you enough for all of your help and hard work with my Mom's estate.  Your energy, passion and hard work were evident to me from the get go.  I applaud you and your team for the great job you did for me, my brother and my Aunt.


I won't hesitate to recommend you to anybody I think that could benefit from your service and have done so already.

- S.I.




We donate as much as we can and work closely with our local charities. 


We’ve donated to Worldserve Thrift Stores, Sources FoodBank, Salvation Army, Critter Care, Habitat for Humanity.

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