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How to Move!

So, you’ve reduced, reused and recycled, you’ve found new homes for everything else, either through auction, garage sale or some other means, now you have to actually move. Moving is not easy but it is doable. There are lots of pieces that you have to put into order to make it happen. The more time you have the better, but that can also lead to procrastination.

First step is to determine what date you have to move by? This sets up everything that follows and now we can work backwards. 4 weeks is a good timeline.

Week 1

  • Book a Mover - the end of the month is their busiest time, booking the moving company early will ensure you can actually get a truck and movers when you need them.

  • Notify Utilities – Phone, Cable, Internet, Hydro that you are moving and new address. Some services particularly phone (landline) may need at least a month’s notice to get the service up and ready for you. The end of the month is the busiest time for all service/utility companies. The more notice you give them the less likely you are to experience a problem.

  • Start Packing – Your mover may provide you with boxes and packing materials or you may need to pick these up yourself. You will need an assortment of different size boxes, small boxes for heavy items like books, dishes, larger boxes for linens, blankets and pillows. A couple of narrow boxes for art, mirrors and tvs are very handy. Which ever, start gathering these items now, boxes, packing materials, packing tape. Start packing those items you don’t need: books, art work, china. LABEL your boxes with what is inside. Really, you think you know what’s in the box, but by the time you hit box number 20 or more, you’ve forgotten what’s in the first 10 boxes. Mark the box on the side, not on top (boxes get put on top of each other):​

Living Room

Books - Mysteries​

Check back later for what to do in Week 2

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