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How to Move Weeks 2 and 3

Week 2

  • Notify address change to government services (i.e. Drivers License, Medical Services, Pension), credit cards, magazine subscriptions, Canada Post and anybody else you can think of that needs to know what your new address will be.

  • Keep Packing – focus on closets, garage, basement, tools, garden items. Now is the time to do this. Remember to Label your boxes.

Week 3

  • Space Planning – draw a diagram of your new place, with measurements if possible, and start to plan where you want to put your furniture. Draw or cut out shapes so you can place them onto the diagram. Scale is important but even a rough plan helps. It helps to make several copies of your diagram, so you can play with where to put furniture. What is the best wall for your couch, TV, favourite chair. This may take some time, but will make your move easier in your new home if you already know approximately where your furniture will go. There will be tweaking at the end, but you will be able to direct the movers more quickly and easily.

  • Keep Packing – focus on art work, mirrors, collectibles. Gather like things together and pack into same box. This means you will find those items more easily if you’ve got all of your china horses in one box.

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