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How to Move - Moving Day!

Grab your personal items, change of clothes, documents, computer, box of dishes and linens and put it in your car or with a friend so they are kept separate from everything else. Everything else should go with the movers. Let the movers do their job. They don’t need your input on how to move heavy furniture, delicate boxes or anything else. They know how to do this. Go to your new home and put your space planning diagrams on the door of each room, so it is easy to see where the furniture should go. Furniture will come in first and boxes last. Boxes should be moved into the room they are labelled for, ie. Living Room. This will make unpacking easier.

  • At your new home – make up your bed first. You are going to need a place to crash at the end of the day. Put your personal bag of clothes, toiletries, computer, documents, etc. in a safe place (on the bed is usually easy) so you know where it is.

  • Kitchen – put your items in the fridge and freezer first. Put your small box of dishes and cutlery on the counter so it’s easy to find and access.

  • Now - Sit down and breathe. The worst is over and the rest will all fall into place over time.

  • It’s always hard to know how long this will take. There are a number of factors, including distance between the old and the new home, the number of rooms to be packed and unpacked, the number of movers or helpers. Regardless, plan on this being an all day affair and pace yourself accordingly.

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